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When you're a mentor, guide, creative, leader, mother,

that holds up the world, your people & vision,

hustle culture can put you into debt -

somatic debt.

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Somatic Consult

That's why trauma-informed nervous system-led support is so important.

So you can go from "I'm a burn-out boss bae, totally at capacity,"

back to energized, focused & loving to serve your truth & mission in the world.
And that's exactly what I help you do through somatic integration work -

 innate healing pathways you already possess so you can get on with

living your healthiest, whole, resilient life full of power, possibility and presence. 


Basically, anything that no longer serves and hasn't been successfully resolved.

That's what we work together to embrace. 


Ready to book? 

  Initial consult
 60 min session


(Calendly scheduling link provided upon purchase.)




In this initial 60 minute somatic integration Zoom session, we explore the best ways in which to facilitate and structure ongoing engagement and nervous system-led shifts for you, your unique history and the goals you wish to achieve or shifts you desire to enact in your business, life or relationships. 

The session includes a talk orientation and in-depth exploration of your experience, as well as an introductory somatic engagement journey for something specific we uncover together.

For example, it's common in this initial sessions to explore and assess where safety lives in your body, how it feels and represents itself in the inner landscape of your subconscious, and if there is none, what needs to be supported or embraced, what groundwork laid to architect safety in the system.


It's common also to explore what parts of you emerge that potentially need some type of permission to be in the body, to embrace self-hood, and what level or dosage of being in the body, in sensation, is tolerable. 

And if there's a reasonable level of safety and permission that already exists in the system, in an initiation consult we can sometimes begin working directly with a particular survival response or behavioral pattern in your life; where and how it feels in your body, what it looks like, what it may be showing up for, what it needs from you, how to presence it, etc.

And/or begin to get in touch with the ways your body and nervous system needs to breath, move, sound, express to initiate the withdrawal of your contracts with limiting beliefs or false constructs, which tend to be more accessible somatic entry points to deeper core wounds, trauma and shame which ultimately are at the core of the matter. 


A simple working definition of trauma is anything that is too much, too soon, too fast or too little, too slowly for your nervous system to handle, especially if a successful resolution of the cycle isn't met.

Hear direct from clients

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  Initial consult
60 min session


(Calendly scheduling link provided upon purchase.)



Soooo, let's get started woman!

Let's lean in together to uncovering the best ways YOU can hold yourself on this messy, beautiful, chaotic, ecstatic journey of human being.

What are you waiting  for...? No one's going to give you permission to RISE. Only you can do that. <3 

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Somatic Consult

    Initial consult 
60 min session


(Calendly scheduling link provided upon purchase.)

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