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Water & Womxn
r e t r e a t

a trauma-informed nervous system
experience combining
water, sound & somatics - 

for guides, coaches
& th

Imola Institute, Costa Rica
June 4-8th, 2024

The Experience

The truth is: Hustle culture leaves womxn in debt - somatic & spiritual debt.

The kind that lives on and compounds over time as stored survival charge (ie. threat imprints) in the body & nervous system. 


And the even deeper truth is: None of us really want to always be seen as and have to perpetually play the role of strong, independent, resilient, unrelenting human.

We long to break down the walls of our individualistic lighthouse Selves, crumble fully and unequivocally, and be entirely, wholly held in the process.

And learn, or re-learn, that deep, risky knowing of inter-dependence.


But how do we do that?

We actively seek out ways to train and build the capacity for it. 


The Water Reset Retreat provides bodies the opportunity, the gift - 

to recapture the lost art of being held. 


Guided float therapy meets underwater sound healing, for a modality you can experience nowhere else in the world, that primes the nervous system to remember & reclaim safety & the capacity for surrender, trust & reciprocity. 

As a coach, guide, mentor, thassophille...

you're often so busy holding up the world, your people, and vision that -

Your own support, healing & safety can get lost in the mix.


That’s where the Water Reset Retreat comes in -

a literal nervous system rebootwhere you are held & seen by an incredible support team in a picturesque settings - 

So you can go from "I'm a burn-out boss bae, totally at capacity,"

back to energized, focused & loving to serve your truth & mission in the world. 


The Water Reset Retreat is equal parts

      in-water somatics sessions


      trauma-informed movment play - 

     led by a team of female facilitators & artists.




As a somatic therapist & also internationally-published underwater artist,
here's what my healing framework allows me to travel the world and self-express as ;)  /



And I see that same unique spark of self-expression,

of voice, of purpose, vision & truth,  in you, and invite you to consider just how much the world needs your voice, your gifts, your presence, attunement and liberated body-mind - 

- now more than ever.  



That's why: I'm unwaveringly dedicated to supporting conscious coaches integrate trauma, find safety and permission, in the body, in order to live their truth

-  liberating themselves from their predictable past, in order to take strides into their limitless future...

....through the deep nervous system support in-person ...

AND incredibly opportunities to create



When women come together by the water,... wonder happens. This is an opportunity to trust your body, make art, re-encode safety & affirm that healing & accessing your authentic Self is the most important priority for your business to succeed. 


This trauma-informed experience ensures...Your return to your Self, to the knowing of safety and security in your bones, as an unshakeable truth.Water, with its in-womb-like qualities provides one of the most secure neurosensory experiences of safety we can get & helps the body process & integrate stored emotion.

Here we inject connection, fun, creativity & exploration into the sacred journey you're on back home to your Self - getting some incredible imagery along the way.

Please join for this is a specifically-crafted immersive experience for each participant to reconnect with Self, their wholeness &  sense of possibility, and cultivate feeling at home & safe in the body.

an upgrade package 
for your own

underwater portraits

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In this immersive capacity-building

retreat in Costa Rica, you'll...


  • Cathartic in-water float & sound sessions; in individual & group settings, that fundamentally recalibrate your body, mind & spirit so you can return to your most authentic Self - in business, life & leadership. 

  • Embodied nervous system (SE) foundations & movement play to better operate in coherent allyship with your nervous system works (ie. your own human operating system).  

  • Deep somatic release & nervous system stabilization using in-water therapy & sound healing.

    • The water is the one place you can infinitely pour whatever you‘re carrying and this immersion is designed for you to set an intention, let go, release & actually experience a shift.

  • Compassionate inquiry techniques for trauma exploration & dynamic in-person facilitation of somatic tools to anchor in nervous system shifts.

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The feeling of relating with water is at once meditative and exhilarating; evoking primal memories of safety in the fluid environment of our mother’s womb.

Water also often feels cleansing and renewing in deep ritualistic, almost indescribable ways and immediately allows the cortical defenses of our egoic mind to let go as we explore deeper aspects of our Selves and our body’s stored trauma imprints within a crystallis of profound safety.

This retreat is for all beings looking to:


  • Find deeper levels of safety & trust in their body & in relating to others & the world.

  • Feel more open to connection & relating securely attached.

  • Activate healing & repair & understand how to help the body shift into a regulated, homeostasis place (critical for those experiencing autoimmune & physical disease).

  • Embody their truth more effortlessly & embrace your nervous system more organically. 

  • Reclaim inner safety & resiliency to move trauma, loss, grief & other unprocessed experiences

The Location

Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 11.37.07 PM.png

Imiloa Institute is a home and an experience where human beings are invited to awaken their consciousness.

Jungle luxury meets Bali-esque geodesic domes & infinity pools overlooking the ocean. Locally-sourced, gourmet vegan food and a stunning open-air movement center.

The miles of untouched nature pathways are sure to lead you deeper into the home of your Self. 

The intentional, spirit-infused, environmentally-conscious ways of life here, focused on community and the maintenance of ethnic lineages, creates an atmosphere unlike any other. It is a profoundly healing place.

Click for a video tour of the retreat space

Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 6.30.41 PM.png

The Facilitator

Christine Ren, Somatic Therapist/ Coach


Drawing from an eclectic background of undergraduate and Master's degrees in pre-med and anthropological disciplines, a former professional career as a dance performer and decade of consulting work with startups in Silicon Valley,

Christine Ren facilitates nervous system-led upgrades remotely with clients 1-on-1 and in small groups, as well as guiding in-water somatic experiencing sessions for clients with higher trauma burdens in the body that need deep safety re-stabilizing in order to heal.

As a somatic therapist/ coach, Christine is in the business of helping conscious women live their truth & express their gifts. 


Screen Shot 2023-05-06 at 2.45.17 PM.png

Daughter of the Earth and the Sun, born in Costa Rica, Ana Laura Quesada is the creator of Amara Healing Therapies, an award-winning holistic spa specializing in watsu therapy, reiki & sound healing. 

A deeply caring & curious soul, Amara is continuously expanding her knowledge base, and known as a very talented and intuitive wellness provider.




Chiara is a photographer specialized in underwater wildlife and fashion. She grew up in Italy, experiencing the beauty of the sea since a really young age. In 2010, Chiara graduated from the Brera Academy of fine Arts in Milan and then moved to California to study photography at Brooks institute, Santa Barbara.

Co-Founder of Project Mermaids, a project with profits donated to, she is now working with Keiko Conservation leading its Italian chapter. Most recently she co-created Mermaids for Change, an organization built around education, ocean conservation, and photography.




  • 5 nights of accommodations (*single occupancy);

  • 3 meals a day of organic vegan food (breakfast, lunch & dinner);

  • 3 1:1 in-water SE sessions;  

  • 4 days of in-water group facilitation & SE movement work;

  • Travel to and from all workshop destinations.

Not Included 

  • Airfare & luggage; 

  • Travel to/from the retreat space from airport; 

  • Extracurricular travel into town & shopping outside of the workshop itinerary.


Price per person: $4,40
(*based on single occupancy) 


50% deposit due on booking

Ready to book? 

I'm in!👇

Thanks for submitting!

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