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This is your 

initiation (n.): 

The act of beginning something; rite of passage to transformation. 

Uncover and claim the truth that  

you are your own 


in this free video demonstration.

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There's a strange singular brave -

that my body knows

that sings from the timber of my most sorrowful bones with the tune of sacred disruption and the path of what's born out of a great dismantling -

the one that speaks across the veil of forgetting and loss with the chords of a dissonant wisdom that we are remembering:

"I am, I can, I will." 

And that's why you're here too.... Isn't it? 


Because you've heard the melody inside that -

reframes pathology as path,
redirects doing into being,
resurrects what's possible out of the predictive,
remedies exile with relation,
restores the instinctual throne aside the intellectual's reign. 

Because it's time - to hear your own music, magnificent exactly as it is, and for it to be received, heard, celebrated and embraced.

So let's start now

This day. This way.


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In this free video demonstration, you'll experience:

  • How we work with, not against, our somatic debts & overcouplings to transform physicality from a storehouse of trauma & limiting stories, into a liberated, whole, expressive, unified mind-body Self. 

  • Somatic facilitator, Christine Ren's, personal story of allowing the body's innate healing intelligence to guide her recovery from body dysmorphia, autoimmunity & addiction (and how you can too.) 

  • Ways you can engage effective somatic integration tools for authentic reunion with your most limitless Self and what the body knows

  • Exactly how you are your own medicine through artistically sculpting new corrective experiences and ways of relating to different 'parts' of you that need understanding, compassion & role re-assignment. 

  • How authenticity is a survival necessity and the ways we can begin to unearth what is absolutely indisputable and true about you and what you are here to express as in this life.

  • What somatic coherence facilitation feels like and how it may support you in truly living and enacting, not just contextualizing and contemplating, your healing process day-to-day. 


P.S. You are cordially invited to explore enacting...

healing through a decolonized process
of  relation & restoration:

In my  next 6 week program, The Body Knows, starting Nov 14th,
that runs as a hybrid live group & pre-recorded material experience. 

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Join the capacity-building online experience designed
to initiate healing and foster resiliency in your life 

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