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Water Ripple

The lore & mythology of Ancient Egyptians, masters of death & resurrection rituals in their own right, refer to liminal soul-soma-Self states as purgatory - a crossing unmade and a person suspended between, unequipped with the funerary materials, rites and guide book to cross-over -

knowing the release of control in a big full, trust-filled YES, I am ready, I was made for this, into the love and delight of what comes after, next, onwards, further.

In today's times, modern psychology only gives us the idea of grief - or pathologies like depression, anxiety, bipolar, C-PTSD for the trauma that often thrusts us into the in-between, where we've lost control, or someone, something's taken it from us, and we have no guidemap, mentally or viscerally, for how to open into the tenderness of love in letting go and leading onwards.

I know I didn't have one and yet, as a diver, performer, cinematographer, activist,

One found me:  w a t e r. 
And it led me to the paths of in-water guide, somatic therapist & death doula trainings.

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No other medium on Earth gifts us the precise conditions to somatically train what it is to let go and let on, while fully held and supported. And in my modality of Water Weaving, we allow the body to remember what it is to lead us in love.

When I developed this technique, as a dancer myself far before I was educated in Somatic Experiencing, I couldn't overlook the power and transformative potential of sound.

And as an anthropologist before I studied psychology, I drew from Egyptian sound healing lineages to craft journeys that play underwater during client sessions.

Sometimes, letting go is how we return to what was, renewed, and other times, it is how we make the leap to what we are becoming.

It is the key then - to life, always and in all ways. 

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When we weave with 

w a t e r 

our worlds are restored.

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Hear direct from clients

A simple working definition of trauma is anything that is too much, too soon, too fast or too little, too slowly for your nervous system to handle, especially if a successful resolution of the cycle isn't met.

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