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I N I T I A T I O N  
C O N S U L T 


Initial 80 minute somatic integration Zoom session at a one-time price to explore the best ways in which to facilitate and structure ongoing engagement and nervous system-led shifts for your unique goals and history. 

Includes a talk orientation and in-depth exploration of your experience, as well as an introductory somatic engagement journey for something specific we uncover together. 


Q U I C K   D I P 
E X P E R I E N C E 


Introductory experience includes 2 sessions, for clients local to Boulder, CO: First, an 80 minute somatic noticing talk therapy session held over Zoom.

Followed within 24 hours by an in-person, in-water 80 minute guided integration to a custom sound journey to encode safety in the body before further facilitating nervous system shifts and resolution through an ongoing container package.

...and here is where, you unfold. 



Healing is... 10% knowledge & discovery & 90% moment-to-moment implementation.

That's precisely why I created my 4 month group coaching/membership hybrid program, UNBECOMING,

where the right strategies, tools and co-regulated support combine to create with precision,

the catalytic momentum & sequencing neccessary to truly implement consistently and move steadily,

non-overwhelmingly towards your very best, trauma-informed, purpose-driven life.

This is a 4 month small group coaching program for conscious women in the liminal phase between their predictable past and limitless futures. 

/ 4 month membership &

group coaching program / 

S O M A T I C 

/ 1-on-1 coaching / 


Your nervous system needs consistent safe experiences and training support in order to be reshaped, which is why I most often will only work ongoingly with clients in a committed Ascension package of 1-on-1 support. The shifts just don't happen through intermittent drop-in style sessions alone. 

If you're truly R E AD Y to answer the call, to chance that change, then this 2-6 month long investment is for you. With a flexible structure,  customized to your needs and budget, these packages - 

Ensure meaningful change in your life through the process of somatic coherence, clearance and integration, unifying the higher order mind and human physiology towards a particular story, aim or goal- 

And optimizing the nervous system to be cleared of stored survival responses, trauma and core wounding that are like large, bloated programs slowing down the the technology your life runs off of. 

The outcome: Flow and self-expression become your new neural & autonomic patterned default.

Somatic Coherence Technique


In sessions, we work together to use your own body's sensations and subconscious visuals  to guide our integrative healing both in and out of the water.

The techniques of somatic noticing and interactive guided imagery blend seamlessly in sessions with the modalities of water, sound and movement for a powerful integrative combination that works to  liberate stuck nervous system patterns and energy in the body allowing them to move through, release and find a final resting resolution.

When these unfinished experiences find their closing expression, it frees up the bandwidth again in your human operating system - for the new and novel, for more love and joy, for anything you desire to create.

It's an innate healing process you already possess. I simply help you retrain the pathways that may have been forgotten or unused for some time. 

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