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Remembering how very healing & heartening it is to find spaces with others

especially other womxn, where you can be exactly who and what you are and it feels safe

Is the medicine that most luminous, leading, legendary ladies, with all the self-awareness, knowledge, capacity and regulation are far too often missing. 

Places where you don’t have to anything more or anything less, than where and how you are, right now. Places where there’s more than enough room for your bigness, your softness, your lioness and your loving-ness.


Image by Andrzej Kryszpiniuk

These are the spaces that truly revive, restore and resurrect – and that feel like remembering yourself,
and your revolution.

And it's these spaces, that are often the difference between 

       creation & depletion, 

           completion & chaos, 

               breakthroughs & breakdowns, 

                      trauma healing (ie. reciprocity, receivership, reverence) 
                         & trauma re-enactment (ie. isolation, dissonance, disgrace)

          which is exactly why, as a doula & in-water guide (and trauma-informed queer mystic to boot),  

I’m opening a chalice for womxn to walk the way of water within –    

both online and in real life (IRL) with me.   

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Because to embody a platform of truth, trust and triumph, as most if not all the incredibly intuitive, deeply feeling & expansively regulated mothers, leaders, community supports, activators & stewards, that I work with do & are -  

 requires a tremendous team of support, sisters & soul-soma revival.

And when those inputs falter or are not formed, or found,…

the traumatized Self can emerge again
and/or, even worse,
as depletion sets in further,

creation careens to a halt.

Your capacity can be as wide and deep as the sea, but when bandwidth is low,

more than relaxation and rest are required for true restoration.

(And certainly, caffeine, calendar flow blocks & time management efficiency are no where near the mark of what the deepest parts of you need -

Receivership , reverence, reciprocity, and non-performative relation are vital.

Yet finding even one of those elements, let alone all, is perilously elusive for most of womxn.

To take everything off, bare, entering one slow foot to seep and steam in the equanimity of warm water & wild, wise womxn that are  nothing but more of your least singular Self.) …

that’s what most if not all of us are truly searching for. A grail that helps us along to our other Self, soul-mission’d grails.

This is the paradoxical mythology of modernity: That of the individual, the lone lighthouse that shines numinously for all ships to find their way when the storied memory of water, within and without, reminds us the best leaders in fact step down from the perch of their sometimes 

hierarchically exhaustive expertise, at least on occasion, to remedy & recognize when resonance of relationship, of recapturing the lost art of being held may very well be all that you truly need.

  • Not another 1:1 mentor;  
  • Not another free ad-targeted audio or 4 day event;  
  • Not another DIY eCourse or self-help book;  
  • Not another group therapy container. 

Just the simplicity of restoration & resurrection that comes through just the right amount of: 

  • Superior conversations (to revive)
  • Soul-centered sisterhood (to restore);
  • Non-pressured immersion/ secure proximity to the felt sense energetics of a non-conditional chosen community (to resurrect).

These are precisely the pillars of R³, a two-tiered digital & IRL water: somatics : sound: ritual offering, woven by a dancer turned doula,

with a curated online community container and in-person  Water Weaving sessions (more on that technique below).

Whether online or off, R3’s  r e v e r e n c e r o o m  experience  is all about -

a safe space where we navigate endings & beginnings & liminal places – together

a secure place where we can each come home to our Selves with the permission, and accountability, to allow our Selves our own deep knowings.  


r e v e r e n c e r o o m

we experience the medicine of each other's company, voices, presence & wisdom,

we share in the trials & triumphs of life & its transitions, as sisters & seers,

we wake to the water within each of us, bathing in the aggregate wisdom not only of our Selves, but coherently, communally in one another,

we imbibe the energy of a rising tide, steeping in the connective tissue of a shared ritual womb-en space for womxn, led by a woman (doula) -

just as it has always been & should ever be again,

Image by Ivan Bandura

When you sign up, you'are saying:...

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But what you are really saying is:

“I’m investing in knowing I have a group of chosen family of womxn accessible to me, that allows me to feel held and however heard, or just held through proximity and non-pressured pacing, that may be most supportive in my life.”

Because that’s what reverence and reciprocity, healing catalysts in and of themselves, truly are:

Being received exactly where and how you are. 

Image by Matt Hardy

That’is why the reverence room is structured with a unique combination of choose-your-own engagement depths:. 

  • Facilitated weekly group calls (with time for group sharing).

  • Group Slack interface – fostering conversation & connection (sister-to-sister calls &/or Voxxers are encouraged, as are medicine sharing offers).  

  • Neural reprograming immersion audios every week.

  • Adjunct 1:1 unlimited Voxxer support available for both online and IRL components of the R3 program. *Details below.

  • Option for in-person Water Weaving sessions for a true nervous system reset & subconscious reprogramming (sound & spoken hypnosis plays underwater).
    *Details below.

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R3 Online

Tangibly, the  r e v e r e n c e  r o o m  as a digital artifact of ,  looks like:

The wanton rebel mysticism that is your standard Slack interface,

imbibed with 33 liberated AF revolutionary women, ready to...

revive, restore & ressurrect all that it means to be a maternally-empowered, activated channel,

that invokes creation in times of depletion

to lead themselves, the world and their people: 

i n c l u d e s

  • 1x week - Reverence circles, held remotely through Zoom;
    • Impromptu somatic facilitation, ritual-led blessings, and a trauma-informed, carefully stewarded, no pressure or performative space to breathe, exist, share - or not.  
    • Community share & reverence space to witness & celebrate one another & unpack weekly learnings. 
  • 2x week - Immersion audios (10 mins or less), weaving sound healing & guided spoken word, from the energy healing world that is Water Weaving

  • 2x month - Guest lecture events on an array of topics ranging from mythology, neuroscience, water ritual, flow states & whatever our unique hub of sisters votes to call in for their benefit. 

  • 24/7 - A connected chat space, for sharing updates, writing, unfoldings; discussing lecture material or revelations from our work,...

    • ...and most of all, the unshakeable knowing that you, as a woman, are not walking alone. 

Image by Ivan Bandura


3 months, 33 womxn,

$1,110 (one-time fee)

(or two payments of $666,
30 days apart)


 $666 x 2


For women who hold the world... the receivership of reverence in-water, in a deeply altered consciousness state, does something I can’t quite place into words.  


It’s a maternal womb imprint we re-immerse within together...
 vibrating some altered sense of ritualistic mutualism that is so very lost in our modern times, & that renews & resurrects in ways beyond time & space.  

Water Weaving brings forth such a transcendental reconfiguration
that I’m honored simply to be able to steward.

Tangibly, the  r e v e r e n c e  r o o m  as an in-real life, experiential artifact of , looks like:


i n c l u d e s

  • Pre-immersion SE consult via Zoom 

  • Energy blessing / space setting (*prior to client arrival)

  • Use of sound, scent, reverent touch & body honoring practices pool-side based on SE principles that pattern cues of safety to the nervous system. 

  • Water immersion:

    • Shallow standing improv/ instinctual lead & follow with sound & story weaving through headphones.

    • 1:1 deep guided float journey (30-45 minutes) with custom underwater sound-story played during the experience based on tenants of neural reprogramming (NLP).

1/2 day - small group price (3 people)
$2200 person

1:1 bundle of 3 (pre, post & 1.5 hour water sessions) 
 $3300 person

Weaving water, sound and somatics, I help women 

Take full residence and be received and revived within the softest, fluid safety of their body.

Prime their nervous systems for reciprocity, intimacy and revolution.

And open their hearts for revelations & restitution.

As a dancer turned doula, and marine anthropologist turned somatic psych-informed practitioner, in and out of the water, I recognize and resurrect the integrity of the body-mind's innate healing intelligence to work with, not against, the greatest, self-expressed directions in every woman's life.


There is a great breadth that lives & breeds within each woman, that has been silenced, smashed and separated - for centuries. 

What was once revered, the womb'd bodies that birth the world and all it peoples is being found & freed once more, by the intuitive wellspring and vital life force that is

the aggregate of today's modern femme coaches, trans poets, gender-bending leaders, women sages & lightouse leaders - activating & oracle-ing, channeling & shepherding,
what has for too long lay dormant in each of us -

the wild ones, the wise ones, the wandering ones -

are rising again as the femme-led imaginative medicine that can heal our patriarchal paradigms, our colonization shackles, our capitalism confines.

The prismatic scales of waking m
yth mistress, creatrix and creation alike,
are heralding the way that we must all walk -

forward, and unforgettably. 

Image by Ivan Bandura

In the reverence room,

we weave the way,


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