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Water is one of the most effective and efficient means of integrating experience.


And when you combine a somatic integration talk therapy session with work in and through water... 

it re-encodes the deepest possible neurosensory foundations of safety & security that are necessary for the nervous system to, in its own time and in its own unique way and expressions, 

complete and resolve previously thwarted survival responses and trauma.

In other words, water creates a chrysalis for the autonomic nervous system and limbic brain to transform by tapping into the warm, fluid qualities that typified the in-womb experience.  

Within the depths of the water's secure, safety container and the right talk integration and guidance before and after, anything currently stuck in your human operating system is able to 
move through, release & resolve. 

This sacred process of somatic integration is an innate healing pathway you already possess. Work with me as a guide in and out of the water simply facilitates and retrains these pathways that may have been lost or left unused for some time.

As your integrative water guide, during a Quick Dip introductory session, I serve as your guide to re-pattern & reclaim safety firstas we move towards most deeply integrating your unprocessed experiences -

whether that be trauma, stress, anxiety, repetitive non-serving life patterns, a compressed sense of possibility, limiting beliefs, false constructs...


Basically, anything that no longer serves and hasn't been successfully resolved. That's what we work together to embrace. 



Ready to try? 

  Introductory price 
 2 sessions | 80 min. each


(Calendly scheduling link provided upon purchase. Water sessions held in the greater Boulder, CO area.)

Quick Dip 



QUICK DIP: Part 1 - Talk

The first 80 minute session in your Quick Dip experience is held over Zoom to discuss your current experience and goals and facilitate an introductory somatic integration that we will then deepen in the following in-water portion of the experience scheduled within 24 hours. 

QUICK DIP: Part 2 - Water

Your second 80 minute session is a guided integration and safety re-encoding held in a heated salt water therapy pool in either Longmont, CO or Golden, CO. A custom sound journey is played through underwater speakers to further deepen and facilitate nervous system transformation process. 


A simple working definition of trauma is anything that is too much, too soon, too fast or too little, too slowly for your nervous system to handle, especially if a successful resolution of the cycle isn't met.

Hear direct from clients

QUICK  DIP: Part 1 

QUICK  DIP: Part 2

Book your session

  Introductory price 
 2 sessions | 80 min. each

(Calendly scheduling link provided upon purchase. Water sessions held in the greater Boulder, CO area.)



You've been received! Check your inbox for the first transmission.

Uncover and claim the truth  

in this 3-part initiatory email series.

The Call To Feel More: Why Should I Answer?

Why would I want to feel more pain, grief, anger, sadness or anything else 'negative' in my life?" a client asks.


I smile slowly and reply, "That, is a fantastic question." 

I had just finished helping her understand that in my framework as a somatic integration coach, we go beyond purely philosophical perspectives of duality – good and bad, right and wrong, love and hate, black and white.

All sessions and their explorations are built around the biological, neurochemical experience of inhabiting the archetype of a whole human being and encoding that in your experience at a fundamental level, while also completing unfinished trauma circuits in the system to re-establish a basis of safety and home in the body.

The primary goal is to make space for feelings, experiences and aspects of existence previously pathologized, cast out or avoided, which coincidentally also creates new pathways for those parts to find their resolved, integrated resting places. 

Now - that still doesn't answer the question fully. There is no way of getting around that increasing your capacity to presence higher levels of sensation can and often is "hard work" and initiating your own healing sets off a lifelong, never-ending process of death and rebirth. Yea, I know - sounds funnnn...

So, why the heck do it?  Here's my short list of top 5 reasons: 

  • 1) HEALTH 

    Your autonomic nervous system is  meant to be in an activated or dysregulated state only 1-3% of the time, and for good reason. Walking through life over-estimating threats in your reality and responding with highly energy-intensive survival circuitry without resolution means your system becomes deeply ingrained as perpetually "on." This state is both emotionally-exhaustive AND biologically damaging. 

    As long as you are stuck "on" in survival mode, you cannot heal, regenerate or thrive. That is how your biology works at its most basic, fundamental level. 


Further,  there are mountains of peer-reviewed studies showing that unresolved trauma and stress are at the heart of almost all modern diseases. Let me put it this way: If you don't address your underlying nervous system dysregulations, current and past trauma, all that deep unconscious 'stuff,' it will likely manifest as illness, pain, auto-immunity and/or some type of physical symptoms given enough time. 


  • 2) DEPTH 

    Clients often come to me, after feeling they have exhausted the extent to which other modalities, such as yoga, mediation, therapy and even medication, can help them. They say things like, "I have a decent job, a house, even a family... but I'm just don't really feel much at all. I'm not sure I'm happy." Then they may begin to point towards an external issue as the source - perhaps it's their marriage, their boss, their aching hip. But the truth is inside.

    What's the missing ingredient in their experience? Depth! Or if you like, intensity. The beautiful nuance and messiness of seeing life and inhabiting your experience in all their glorious shades of grey versus the confines of a black and white only world. 

When you have a rigid lens of life, your neurobiology is literally short-changing you from the blissful ever-deepening experience of shades, nuance and gradations. Without training the process and ability to be with the tougher sensations or experiences, invariably you have also blocked yourself from the ability to receive and hold the depth of states like ecstasy, joy, pleasure, etc. There's no capability to presence anything other than a very narrow band of feelings, sensations, people and likely even experiences.    



    Let's be honest: Life never stops throwing us curveballs and it never will. We will always be faced with painful situations, difficult people, irritating circumstances and hardships. So too will we be faced with laugher, happiness, kindness, love and a litany of other high order sensations and states of being. 

    Through this work we train your capacity to presence and allow all types of high-sensation experiences and emotions, so they don't get stuck in your system. This is the same way you would go to the gym to lift weights and build a particular muscle group or the way you would form a new habit. It takes time and consist practice. Rinse and repeat.


So the more capacity you have, the more resilient you are - and if I were to reframe resiliency, I would go so far as to say, the easier life gets because you are able to regulate and come back to a balanced, home state - no matter what. 


    Manifesting - or if you prefer, creating, even goal-achieving - is inextricably linked to all of your unfinished nervous system cycles.

    I've found that what always takes precedence first manifesting into your experience will be the unresolved trauma cycles of your subconscious regardless of what your conscious mind focuses on, sees, feels or believes is possible to happen or even is programming to happen now. 

    Your past, unfinished, non-integrated "stuff" will come back into your reality continually seeking some type of resolution or different 


ending. And at a nervous system level, if you don't do the work to encode safety and security to expand, slowly, any time you reach for something new, for a change, a different direction in your life, it will feel like invisible walls of resistance are thrown up at your every turn.

This is your system shutting down possibility, seeing threat in the new and the novel, and you, not knowing how to meet and give it what it needs to feel safe to try.

  • 5) POWER 

    Healing is a lifelong process, as I said.  The "work" is never finished my love. By initiating your claim on experiencing all of life's fullness and possibility, you claim your power to meet and have all of yourself and all of the world.

    In essence, you become the force of nature you were always intended to be. A power to be reckoned with; capable of re-shaping worlds - and not just yours. 

    You become that inspiring, magnetic beacon on light that touches, impacts, influences everyone you come into contact with. 


Soooo, let's get started darling!

Let's lean in together to uncovering the best ways YOU can hold yourself on this messy, beautiful, chaotic, ecstatic journey of human being.

What are you waiting  for...? No one's going to give you permission to RISE. Only you can do that. <3 

Book your

Quick Dip

  Introductory price 
 2 sessions | 80 min. each

(Calendly scheduling link provided upon purchase. Water sessions held in the greater Boulder, CO area.)

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Join the capacity-building online experience designed
to initiate healing and create resiliency in your life. 

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Nervous System-Led Healing: How Is It Different?

When I talk about body-led healing, and synonymously, nervous system-led healing, understand that I'm speaking about facilitating the branches of your autonomic nervous system, which are controlled by the grouping of master structures in your brain known as the limbic system. For the record, your higher order mammalian conscious mind (the prefrontal cortex) is not part of the limbic system. 

I often say this work is like talk therapy, but for the body (and by body, I mean autonomic nervous system and upstream from that, the limbic brain).  Okay, so now that we've gotten the precision of language clarifications out of the way, here's my main point:

This work is different because it works for everyoneIf you are a human being, you have this same technology within you. You have your animal body and its autonomic nervous system connected to your primal brain (not the conscious mind) makes up your primary operating system - which we all share.  It's the primary driver of your human experience.

As Carl Jung famously said: "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." 

Bottomline: Somatic explorations hold immense power because they can and will help any individual, of any age, background or experience and with efficiency.  And they can furthermore empower you to be your own  medicine. How? By initiating transformative healing as you wield your own unique set of regulating and capacity-building tools, sensation training practices and nervous system knowledge-base.

And if you're curious, here's exactly how working with me is different - from both a psychotherapy approach or engaging another coach. 


Katy D.
Monarch Beach, CA

"I had never tried this type of therapy work in the water, but love the ocean so I went into the experience with an open mind.


Christine is an absolute water angel! Her kindness and presence made me feel safe to try this new healing modality.


Her pre-water coaching to set mindful intentions for the session made the experience feel sacred & ceremonial. She gave a thorough overview of what would take place during our session to make me feel at ease.


As soon as I laid back and floated in her arms, listening to soul soothing music being played from UNDERWATER, I literally felt myself relax into another dimension of tranquility!


The bliss and peace I felt was like nothing I’d experienced before!Honestly, it felt like a sacred birthing or baptism into the new golden era. My body felt so calm as she moved me into different positions- almost felt like underwater tai chi/ballet moves.


I had amazing meditative visions as the underwater soundtrack changed rhythms. When she gently sat me back up from floating, I couldn’t believe 50 minutes went so fast. I could've stayed with her in the pool all day! 


Honestly I’ve tried almost every holistic healing modality out there, and my somatic integration experience with Christine out of and then in the water was by FAR the most transformative experience yet!


WITH ALL MY HEART, I highly recommend sessions with Christine!"

Book your

Quick Dip

  Introductory price 
 2 sessions | 80 min. each

(Calendly scheduling link provided upon purchase. Water sessions held in the greater Boulder, CO area.)

Superpower Languages: How To Dialogue With Self? 


Anytime you begin getting to know someone for the first time, it can feel awkward. The same is true for beginning to craft a relationship with self - with the animal body and its primal circuitry governed by your limbic system.  

But just as you can talk to another person, you can and in my opinion must, learn to dialogue with self - specifically with your autonomic nervous system.  I've already covered the why in-depth here, so now I want to talk with you about the how

Here's a short list of the superpower languages we use together in our somatic integration work: 

  • Breath 

  • Movement & impulse expression

  • The "felt sense" 

  • Imagination & subconscious imagery

  • Ritual 

  • Sound

  • Proprioception 

  • Structure


We approach our integrative explorations together in layers. And where we start, depends on entirely on how ready your system is - not how ready your conscious mind is.

It becomes critical we cultivate consistent dialogue with your body to understand what is the minimum effective dose here. 

These are most typically the layers I see working with clients, in order of most outer to inner, each usually informing or entangled some way with the former:

  • A. Limiting beliefs & false constructs;

  • B. Persistent, non-serving behavioral patterns, trauma(s) & survival responses;

  • C. Core wounds, toxic shame & latent parts of you misattuned to during critical developmental stages. 


Integration Layers: Where Do We Start? 


My unique framework for each layer we are working on typically happens in two phases (within a single session or across multiple sessions):


 FIRST | Permission Invocations

  • Here is where we build, or rebuild, a foundation of safety, security and stability within your system.

  • And use psychoeducation to create an allyship of understanding between your conscious prefrontal cortex and the limbic brain that governs your autonomic nervous system.

  • Here too is where we practice the gentle art of embracing your experience exactly as it is, where it is and meeting it curiosity and kindness (vs. a desire to obliterate or change it). 

  • Most importantly, here is where we lay the groundwork for ensuring you give your system the permission it needs to do, be, express, move, breathe, sound however it needs to shift and fully integrate your experience(s). 

  • The system must feel safe to express, then the desire to express and finally the permission to express before we ask it to truly, organically express how and when it needs for you to inhabit your deepest harmonic, whole states of well-being.



SECOND | Somatic Explorations 

  • Here is where we begin to challenge your system, to hold, truly feel and presence higher levels of sensations within containers of safety, set by me for you in our sessions, and also set by you in your life, within a practice frequency and parameters that best serve the layer we are facilitating.

  • Here too is where we begin to shift your relationship with your activations, or survival responses; uncovering the tools and ways unique to you and your system that can best facilitate your regulation (ie. homeostasis; ie. balanced, resilient state after one of life's curveballs). 

  • Most importantly, here is where we really focus on capacity-building, intuitive self-dialogue and organic impulse expression and honoring the system and the time and unique way it needs to move, breathe, be, act, sound, in a non-forced or prescribed way, to find resolution - of past and present experiences. 


This is the greatest work I believe any of us can undertake to do in our lives; to, as Carl Jung once said, “…rather be whole, than good.” Ultimately, approaching the release of old patterns from a framework of ‘wholeness,’ architects new levels of resiliency in the body and spirit as connectedness and harmony weaves itself into the fabric of your new reality.

Book your

Quick Dip

  Introductory price 
 2 sessions | 80 min. each

(Calendly scheduling link provided upon purchase. Water sessions held in the greater Boulder, CO area.)

Integration Layers: Where Do We Start? 



In sessions, we work together to use your own body's sensations and subconscious visuals  to guide our integrative healing both in and out of the water.

The techniques of somatic noticing and interactive guided imagery blend seamlessly in sessions with the modalities of water, sound and movement for a powerful integrative combination that works to  liberate stuck nervous system patterns and energy in the body allowing them to move through, release and find a final resting resolution.

When these unfinished experiences find their closing expression, it frees up the bandwidth again in your human operating system - for the new and novel, for more love and joy, for anything you desire to create.

It's an innate healing process you already possess. I simply help you retrain the pathways that may have been forgotten or unused for some time. 

Somatic Integration Technique

  Introductory price 
 2 sessions | 80 min. each


Explore the full 


Quick Dip 


(Calendly scheduling link provided upon purchase. Water sessions held in the greater Boulder, CO area.)

Trauma cannot and will never be fully cleared from the body by working solely with the conscious mind - which is why I do what I do with my somatic integration practice.


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