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Anchor & embody quantum peak-throughs

into the reality of your human body & life

(Disclaimer: I do not sell psychedelics. I sell therapeutic integrative services in deeply supportive ongoing somatic coherence coaching packages to ensure specific therapeutic outcomes  for past or upcoming self-elected journeys.)

In the coherent state,

Palm Tree Leaves

body & mind work



As we traverse the precipice of a tumultuous and trying 2020 into a new year, full of new possibilities and also new challenges,...


I offer a helpful, albeit novel and non-conforming, parallel for your consideration: 


2020's transformative mode of action follows the same non-linear catalytic process potentiated by psychedelic substances.


How? A la non-specific amplification.


Without the right context, preparation and certainly post-integrative guidance, non-specific amplifiers - 


(whether psychedelics or non-discriminating experiences that trigger the continuum of light and dark within the psyche,

like the momentum-driven year of 2020 in both the microcosm of our lives and also macrocosm of the world)..


..can and often will feel - disjointed, chaotic, frustrating and even traumatizing.

Certainly imparting a sense of the volume being turned up, amps of music pumping in all different genres, and many you would’ve preferred not to hear or attend to. 



To ensure positive therapeutic outcomes for 2020, turning over into 2021, I suggest the way of the double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial of 29 patients published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology showing...

how the benefits of a single dose of psilocybin can last nearly 5 years.  (Agin-Liebes GI, Malone T, Yalch MM, et al, 2020). 


That way requires each of us to do some tender, curious self-inquiry, context setting, re-framing and somatic, as well as psychological, processing. 


In the video above (@ 5 min), I offer the framing of a handful of valuable questions you can excavate within your own life.. that standing where you are now, after all of the experiences of this year, you may anchor in an enhanced sense of possibility, suggestibility, expansion and openness. <3 


Ensure meaningful change in 2021: 

Palm Tree Leaves


  • Somatic coherence coaching / 

     I've always been an investor in human potential and the ability of each of us to become both regulated and a regulating force in the world, creating the change we wish to see. 


    That's why I work with conscious women specifically through...

    somatic(body)-led transformation to create

    coherence, clearance & integration between the primal animal body & the higher order mind. 

    Through the process of somatic coherence, I and my clients, are able to achieve a neurophysiology balancing of the autonomic nervous system, such that...

    the conscious mind + animal body (with its more primal human operating system)

    are unified (able to work together towards a particular goal, story or aim)


    are optimized (cleared of stored survival responses, trauma and core wounding that are like large, bloated programs slowing down the the technology your life runs off of.)

    ▽ The outcome of somatic coherence, is akin to what meditators would call a “zen” or "flow" state and what artists and athletes call “the zone." And what's more, it becomes your neural & autonomic patterned default


Palm Tree Leaves



  • Psychedelic integration services /

    For stronger pattern disrupts & progress with my clients, I serve to...

    help anchor and maximize psychedelics' neuroplasticity capabilities towards specific desired therapeutic outcomes. 


    This a process of working with these non-specific amplifiers such that the proper preparation, context and setting, and certainly post-integrative work is delivered in the same way the double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial of 29 patients published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology was able to show and ensure the benefits of a single dose of psilocybin last nearly 5 years (source)

    (*Please note: I do not sell psychedelics or direct experiences with them.)  


     / offers critical neurosensory skills
    & addresses questions such as... / 

    ▽ "If I'm thinking about using psychedelics, but have a history of trauma, how or what can I do to ensure safe, positive outcomes?"

    ▽ "What preparation through safety, self-awareness & resiliency foundations must be created in the body in order to access the healing and/or shifts I desire using a non-specific amplifiers? "

    ​▽ "How can I build my capacity to access and be in touch with my body's innate healing intelligence before my journey?"

    ▽ "What breathing, movement and other neurosensory tactics can I learn and practice to aid me in reaching my desired therapeutic outcome?"


    "If I'm struggling to process difficult information or memories that came up during my journey, what do I?" (HINT: Work with a trained facilitator & do not do it alone . <3 ) 

    ▽ "How do I successfully land back in the body, world and life I live after encounters with non-ordinary states of consciousness?"

    ▽ "What methods and capacity-building skills can be used to help me take what I learned from my experience and reorganize it into positive, coherent physical & psychological structures?" 

    "I want to embody that expanded, possible, hopeful, connected version of me that emerged during my journey in my daily life. How do I do that?"


  • Sessions / Deep, co-regulated, supportive ongoing containers of a minimum of 1-3 lead-up discovery sessions before your experience, then 2-3 post-integrative sessions.

  • Time / ~20-30 hours of facilitation per package / Typically spread over 2 - 3 months. 

  • Mastery work Between session text/ email support & a set of specific personalized week-by-week 'mastery practices' (specific neurosensory training tools, guided inner and movement explorations, prompts, audios etc) provided to aid in the necessary self-work and reinforcement needed to anchor a therapeutic outcome in. 

  • Setting / Work is conducted 1-on-1 only with each client for laser-focused guidance & facilitation. Most sessions are conducted remotely through Zoom at this time (due to COVID regulations), but can also be held in-person in my Boulder office. 

  • Investment / These packages typically start at $3,000+ for 2+ months of support. Depending on your specific needs and desires though, if those align with a more minimal approach, I am more than happy to discuss.

    *Payment plans are available. 

    (Understand that my goal is deep, tailored and impactful such that I quickly make myself obsolete in your life and you need little further facilitation period in the hopefully next 5 years ;) 


But if you book by Jan 2021,

take $1000 off
your package

Ready to level-up? 


Let's talk!

Palm Tree Leaves


If you are committed to investing in your healing, personal growth & transformation in 2021,

then please submit the following details below and I'll be in touch directly to set up a FREE exploratory call if I feel I can facilitate you. <3  


Apply now

to become the medicine

Thanks for submitting! I'll be in touch in the next 24-48 hours. <3

In the coherent state, the body and the mind work together, and there is no resistance, and instead, an optimal range of functioning:

  • ▽ Neurotransmitters are firing properly,

  • ▽ Your hard-wired perception lens of the reality around you changes (ie. you see new opportunities, you create neural & physical patterns that aid in the direction you wish to go in life; "new" is now no longer threatening),  

  • ▽ Hormone and immune systems are functioning in a normal range,

  • ▽ You are able to better discern reflections of your past circling bak into your life and consciously choose differently,

  • ▽ Old traumas related to love, connection & even money or finances now liberated from the system leave you with the capacity and room to actual receive what you want and are calling in.


We know that experiences of safety, danger, and life threat are woven into personal narratives and become beyond conscious control.

My somatic coherence framework addresses the underlying traumatic stress that is stored in the autonomic nervous system and helps us access the language of the body and its sensations, needs and impulses...

So that we can reach an optimal state of optimized balance between both our psychological and physical functioning -

Catapulting us towards new level-ups in our lives.


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