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Water & Women
r e t r e a t

where worthy women gather -
to make art, meet friends & dive into
r most limitless nature.


Maui, Hawaii 
Mar 15-19th, 2024

Women who love the water:
You know the fluidity of transition with ease.
You steep in the beauty beneath the surface.
You breathe and dive in the depths without fear.
You are the living moving work of wonder art that cares about the beauty of this world.


And when we come together, we are renewed, revived & ready to return to any & every transition, trial & triumph this world has to throw at us. 

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The Experience


The truth is: Hustle culture leaves womxn in debt - somatic & spiritual debt.

The kind that lives on and compounds over time as stored survival charge (ie. threat imprints) in the body & nervous system. 


And the even deeper truth is: None of us really want to always be seen as and have to perpetually play the role of strong, independent, resilient, unrelenting human.

We long to break down the walls of our individualistic lighthouse Selves, crumble fully and unequivocally, and be entirely, wholly held in the process.

And learn, or re-learn, that deep, risky knowing of inter-dependence.


But how do we do that?

We actively seek out ways to train and build the capacity for it. 


The Water & Women Retreat provides bodies the opportunity, the gift - 

to recapture the lost art of being held. 


Guided float therapy meets underwater sound healing, for a modality you can experience nowhere else in the world, that primes the nervous system to remember & reclaim safety & the capacity for surrender, trust & reciprocity. 


to learn a proprietary set of underwater performance techniques (The  FreeFly Method)


a patented weight-integrated dive belt, called the MerMid -

plus receive underwater video reels of yourself to share through socials. 


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As an internationally-published underwater artist, somatic guide & in-water healer
here's what my permission-based work allows me to travel the world and self-express as ;)  /



And I see that same unique spark of self-expression,

of voice, of purpose, vision & truth,  in you, and invite you to consider just how much the world needs your voice, your gifts, your presence, attunement and liberated body-mind - 

- now more than ever.  



That's why: I'm unwaveringly dedicated to supporting conscious women integrate trauma, find safety and permission, in the body, in order to live their truth

-  liberating themselves from their predictable past, in order to take strides into their limitless future...

....through the deep nervous system support in-person ...

AND incredibly opportunities to create art, experience authenticity and cultivate reverence (a state of awe + wonder). 



When women come together by the water,... wonder happens. This is an opportunity to trust your body, make art, re-encode safety & affirm that healing & accessing your authentic Self is the most important priority for your business to succeed. 


This trauma-informed experience ensures...Your return to your Self, to the knowing of safety and security in your bones, as an unshakeable truth. Water, with its in-womb-like qualities provides one of the most secure neurosensory experiences of safety we can get & helps the body process & integrate stored emotion.

Here we inject connection, fun, creativity & exploration into the sacred journey you're on back home to your Self - getting some incredible imagery along the way.

Please join for this is a specifically-crafted immersive experience for each participant to reconnect with Self, their wholeness &  sense of possibility, and cultivate feeling at home & safe in the body.

get your ow
underwater videos
as you learn new ways to find
freedom & flow beneath the surface

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of You.png

In this immersive capacity-building

retreat in Maui, Hawaii, you'll...


  • Cathartic in-water float & sound sessions; in individual & group settings, that fundamentally recalibrate your body, mind & spirit so you can return to your most authentic Self - in business, life & leadership. 

  • Embodied play & joy practices to better know your own Self & be safe to be silly & open to connection.

  • The FreeFly Method with your own patented weight-integrated MerMid belt. Underwater flow movement & trainings led by Christine Ren - in pool & open-water ocean settings.

  • Underwater video footage of your explorations to cut and use through social media however you choose (!!) 

  • Reverence practices/  intentional time during the trip - for you to connect with nature & the island on your own terms, training your capacity, with friends, to see the world with awe & wonder. 

The Location


Our retreat will be hosted on the island of Maui -  where your stay encompasses healthy eating, nature’s pristine beauty, self-transformation and Aloha. 

The intentional, spirit-infused, environmentally-conscious ways of life here, focused on community and the maintenance of ethnic lineages, creates an atmosphere unlike any other. It is a profoundly healing place. 

And our travel will help funnel money back into an area recently devastated by wildfires.

*Accommodations are based on double occupancy. Beautiful garden or ocean views in every room. 




  • 5 nights of accommodations (*double occupancy);

  • 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch & dinner);

  • All on-ground transport to/from retreat destinations.

  • One group excursion ("reverence day" - choice whale watching, manta diving or bioluminescence night kayak ). 

  • 4 days of in-water group facilitation (pool & open ocean);

  • Raw & cut underwater video footage of individual participants (delivered within 7 days post-trip). 

  • MERMID BELT to keep - made in your size (!) 

Not Included 

  • Airfare & luggage; 

  • Travel to/from the retreat space from airport; 

  • Extracurricular travel into town & shopping outside of the workshop itinerary.


Price per person: $5,00
(*based on double occupancy) 


50% deposit due on booking
*Due in full  by Jan 30th, 2024

Ready to book? 

I'm in!👇

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