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a one woman show of
    water & wonder


performer & designer

Christine Ren


curates a unique
theatre and
private training

bringing together
underwater dance and film
with project mapping & live stage performance, 

in honor of 
World Oceans Day 
June 8-9th, 2023


an opportunity for an underwater play day training 
at a local heated pool to

see and feel underwater arts
for yourself first-hand with expert guidance.
(*Private photoshoot upgrades available upon request.)

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Copy of Copy of Pink Blush Cursive 30th Birthday Party Invitation (500 × 500 px) (700 × 50

Both a celebration of water as life

     and the woman who loves it so wholly,

        is a magical new
     theatre experience,

  an extension of Ren's previous 7 years of conceptual design
& underwater performance work as "The Underwater Woman." 


Featured by NatGeo, KQED, FStoppers & more, 
and recognized with a United Nations award, 

          Ren's underwater media & conservation campaigns

        have always expressed , in a deeply evocative way,

     the truth that....


 ...ocean conservation is a human issue. 




Copy of Pink Blush Cursive 30th Birthday Party Invitation (500 × 500 px) (700 × 500 px).pn
Copy of Pink Blush Cursive 30th Birthday Party Invitation (500 × 500 px) (700 × 500 px) (7
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The bottom-up physiology of your body and the top-down psychology of your mind are wholly interconnected, which means that to become a regulated & regulating force in the world, for yourself and for others...

Reshaping your body's autonomic nervous system and how it forms your perception, beliefs, behaviors and reactions, is paramount.

Nervous system state and psychological story join forces into enduring neural loops of experience, that unless interrupted, with gentle reinforcement, the right context and sequencing, persist indefinitely. 

So how can physiology craft new stories and the conditions for safety, wellness, connection and true thriving?

That's what this

5-week program
is all about. 




is an inclusive creator's hypermind - 
a 5 week long
somatic inquiry

that helps the artist within
reach its full potential in the world


You'll learn & experience: 


  • How to understand & follow your body's truth

& needs intuitively & more fully.


  • How to transform stored trauma & limiting stories with science-backed Somatic Experiencing techniques

  • Betters ways to understand, meet & shift common creator experiences -

    such as procrastination, resistance, feeling scattered,
    burned-out &/or failing to finish or complete ideas.


  • How to trust your creative instincts & impulses.

  • Ways to reframe, and physiologically rewire, your relationship to your innate gifts, art & authentic voice.

[ Question ]

How does this matter? Why is this important?

[ Answer ]

The Self cannot be healthy, and suppressed at the same time.

And when we consider defining trauma as as an outcome - the suppression of Self -  this means that at the most simple, elegant level - healing trauma is then all about the expression & receipt of a liberated Self.


Copy of Copy of Copy of Peach and Grey Delicate Pastel Fitness YouTube Thumbnail (1200 × 6
Copy of Copy of Copy of Peach and Grey Delicate Pastel Fitness YouTube Thumbnail (1200 × 6

That's why I've put together:

a first-of-its kind

creator's accelerator - 

a somatic-therapy guided hypermind
experience designed to 

 re-encode the body’s memory of threat
(being seen, criticized or judged, expressing yourself, going your own way & all the unique risks that face creatives & challenge their courage & conviction)

and the mind’s meaning of historical events -

to change the trajectory of
your story towards your
truest & authentic


5 hours of video lectures  + guided practices 

5 live client
demo sessions

over 5 weeks 


Until 11/11


 $555 x 3
Until 11/11

  You are still all
you thought you lost.

     Let us remember,

Copy of Copy of Pink Blush Cursive 30th Birthday Party Invitation (500 × 500 px) (700 × 50

a program led by

a professional dancer turned
somatic psychologist


Christine Ren
somatic therapist/ coach

As a young woman, I struggled deeply with body dysmorphia, autoimmunity and development trauma that left me floundering in the chaos of my own life and how to makes sense of myself and my story. 

Dance saved my life. I could've found anything to cope with the constancy of relentless "charge" (autonomic nervous system activations due to real and perceived threat) - drinking, drugs, binge-ing - but I found breath, sound, movement & music. 

I didn't go looking for the ways to liberate trauma from my system. My body took me there all on its own. And that intelligence, that instinctual compass, is what I'm determined to help as many others recapture as possible for their own well-being. 

And now, after multiple degrees, and CE, drawing deeply from the lineages of Somatic Experiencing, IFS Parts Work & Polyvagal Theory, I get to share that wisdom as a somatic therapist - through group programs (like this on) and 1-on-1 support. 



As therapist, and also an internationally-published underwater performance artist, here's what my healing framework of somatic coherence allows me to travel the world and self-express as ;)  /



And I see that same unique spark of self-expression,

of voice, of purpose, vision & truth,  in you, and invite you to consider just how much the world needs your voice, your gifts, your presence, attunement and liberated body-mind - 

- now more than ever.  


the body knows


"Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

C A R L  J U N G 


Join a safe, inclusive group 
body-led healing
& creative liberation

from anywhere online


 $ 1 1 1 1  |  5  w e e k s


  • When: Access to the program portal begins > Dec 12th, 2022 

  • How: This online program runs as a sequential release of content & practices weekly over the course of 5 weeks: hybrid weekly live group & pre-recorded material experience. 

    • LECTURE & PRACTICES | Weekly, Friday evenings (EST), 1 hour course video lecture & guided practices (plus reference PDFs) are sent out to all students to view & process, on their own timeline / schedule before client demo  sessions.

    • LIVE DEMOS | Weekly, Wednesday evenings (7pm EST)1 hour recorded 1-on-1 client practice sessions, where you'll witness & benefit from the vulnerable experiences & learning process of a participant (just like you) navigating the program in real-time;
      a place for questions, sharing, troubleshooting & guided facilitation in each week's topics & practice material.



/  W e e k  1  / Decoding Success: The Self-Expression - Safety Scale 
  • Summary: This module presents an overview of insights & stories from artists & creators that have undertaken trauma integration work & unlocked their greatest ideas to-date, as well as from professionals who've changed careers & finally taken the leap to honor their inner creator - and what it took to undo the world's projected stories of who, what & how they could be. 

    In this introductory setting, you'll have the opportunity to identify where creativity & inspiration lives in your body & what & how it gets shut down - as we explore the unique, yet prevalent, emotional & interpersonal, struggles & challenges faced by creators, innovators, makers today. 

    This week is all about forming a baseline intake of where you are, want to be and how we start to define what creative success means for you - each week, as we you do the exercises & learn the material, you'll take one (or many!) more steps, with full support of the group container & guide, towards your unique creator and/or project goals.  


/  W e e k  2  / Trauma & The In-Debt Body 
  • Summary: Here we cover digestible ways to  understand trauma, through somatic debts and overcouplings & why and how your self-expression is literally your own medicine; learning what happens in the traumatized body (both the mind and the nervous system) and why we then behave, choose, feel and act the ways that we do - particularly as it relates to creative expression.

    Here we'll also introduce concepts of regulation and charge, intuition vs. instinct and how those help us form guideposts for each of our unique, singular, messy, non-linear healing journeys. 

    Specifically, this module expands more in-depth on the common shared trauma narratives related to self-expression introduced in the previous module & provides tailored practices. 


/  W e e k  3  /  How We Free the Body (Relate & Regulate) 
  • Summary: In-depth overview of how we regulate, with Self and others - through activation and a return to baseline (or rupture & repair) & through gentle, titrated constriction and expansion. 

    The 'Face, Feel, Free' methodology is introduced here and we work somatically with video recorded explorations on tracking the charge, orienting to sensation and deepening into feeling through an array of supports.  

    Specifically, this module focuses on permission & inner child work as it relates to self-expression, authenticity, artistic ceilings and creative possibilities for Self. 

    And provides structured and improvisational somatic prompts for how we listen to &  move stress - liberating stuck sensation (ie. thwarted survival physiology - when it is ready to go).

/ W e e k  4  /  Belief Becomes Biology
  • Summary: Story, thoughts and meaning can often become identities & then behaviors, sourced originally from unintegrated, overwhelming experiences and versions of us that endured them.

    Here we focus on learning how the
    trigger is the medicine, to allow us to investigate overcouplings of threat from the past, how they cue stress and trauma response in the present, and ways we start updating our system and building capacity. 

/ W e e k  5  /  Retrieving The Intuitive, Instinctual Soma (and Self)
  • Summary: Here we deepen into somatic explorations of our own body's needs, truth and boundaries, with more in-depth Parts work; after excavating somatic stories and meanings the mind made - we return to the whole Self, and cultivating our freest, truest soverign creator. 

    In closing, we focus on the
    tools & full integration of all that the 5 weeks have covered - so you are equipped to fully live into your new somatic stories.

    And here
     we celebrate together, showcase creative works and new ideas and discuss long-term strategies for continuing to train expansion over constriction in the nervous system (and subsequently, your self-expression). 


To register: 


Until 11/11


 $555 x 3
Until 11/11

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Let's Talk:


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