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the body

Access your potential

for healing & connection



self inquiry program

to reconnect to your body's
wisdom & innate ability to heal 

through trauma-informed,
evidence-based practices

that increase your bandwidth for
self-expression & trauma release

  • Self-regulate through relation & restoration

  • Cultivate intuitive movement

  • Decouple expansion from threat

  • Honor instinctual needs & impulses

  • Reclaim inner safety & resiliency 

  • Work with, not against, your nervous system 

  • Uncover new ways to connect with & understand Self

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It's time to transform
pathology into path.


The bottom-up physiology of your body and the top-down psychology of your mind are wholly interconnected, which means that to become a regulated & regulating force in the world, for yourself and for others...

Reshaping your body's autonomic nervous system and how it forms your perception, beliefs, behaviors and reactions, is paramount.

Nervous system state and psychological story join forces into enduring neural loops of experience, that unless interrupted, with gentle reinforcement, the right context and sequencing, persist indefinitely. 

So how can physiology craft new stories and the conditions for safety, wellness, connection and true thriving?

That's what this

6-week program
is all about. 




is an all-inclusive, gender-sensitive, LGBTQ-friendly
6 week somatic inquiry program 
that helps us understand & follow our body's truth
to intuitively transform stored trauma & limiting stories. 

The language of the body is

sensation and sentience.

It knows danger, and safety, far before the logical mind can even register it rationally.

This profound knowing laced in the physicality and the felt,

is often both scary and shamed,

as we've grown comfortable with the mind's dominion and constructs that lord over, compel, control the soma (the body) itself.

When we begin to immerse ourselves, with the right tools, support & philosophies, into the body-scape & its feeling, seeing, knowing of us - the world and others -

we can engage with what inevitably becomes a lifelong allied friendship,

of listening, holding, caring and meeting (regardless of how we were or weren't how we maybe needed in the past.)

That's why this 6 week program is designed -

as deeply immersive and experiential,

with foundational concepts and theory in Somatic Experiencing & trauma science covered, to allow us to listen, communicate with and follow the urges, needs, instincts and impulses of the body,


we so often thwart or suppress, which turns the physicality of our embodied human experience  into a  storehouse for trauma and a repository for limiting stories.

By engaging with a specific somatic technique, the 'Face, Feel, Free' methodology, we begin to uncover the ways in which we improve health, mindset and overall take more ardent strides towards true wellness and wholeness in our lives. 

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6 hours of video lectures  + guided practices 

6 live client
demo sessions

Pre-sale program

Access 1/1/21


a program led by

a professional dancer turned
somatic psychologist


Christine Ren
somatic therapist/ coach

As a young woman, I struggled deeply with body dysmorphia, autoimmunity and development trauma that left me floundering in the chaos of my own life and how to makes sense of myself and my story. 

Dance saved my life. I could've found anything to cope with the constancy of relentless "charge" (autonomic nervous system activations due to real and perceived threat) - drinking, drugs, binge-ing - but I found breath, sound, movement & music. 

I didn't go looking for the ways to liberate trauma from my system. My body took me there all on its own. And that intelligence, that instinctual compass, is what I'm determined to help as many others recapture as possible for their own well-being. 

And now, after multiple degrees, and CE, drawing deeply from the lineages of Somatic Experiencing, IFS Parts Work & Polyvagal Theory, I get to share that wisdom as a somatic therapist - through group programs (like this on) and 1-on-1 support. 

Using a somatic coherence framework, I facilitate individuals through a type of both and intersectional work of healing of the mind’s story (meaning and context its made), and the body’s memory (somatic imprint/  physiology, that remains in the body and  nervous system from various experiences, threats and woundings). 


You can find more of my work & programs at & IG @somaticcoherence

Want to learn exactly how you are your own medicine? 



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What to expect & who this is for: 

When I found Somatic Experiencing and Polyvagal Theory, there was such a significant shift. A shift in the way that I understood myself, the world and people. It initiated new depths profound unfolding within me and then years later, my clients.

This framework allows you to harness the understanding of how your system balances and discerns the need for protection vs. connection and apply that knowledge to craft new narratives, claim any experience you want in life, find safety where there previously was none and respond vs. react automatically.


Your autonomic nervous system is like a compass. It’s constantly orienting you, shifting towards engagement, mobilization or disconnection.

Your body knows stuff before your brain consciously does. It’s your first line of response, your biggest ally. It is your body taking in data and sending it to the brain which in fact directs the majority of your behaviors, beliefs and patterns.

Learning how to recognize when your body has shifted nervous system states, in response to what, and showing up in what signature style, is the first step to being able to support the body, support your system, in the unique way it needs to be met before attempting to shift the state into a more regulated place.


This 6 week program, The Body Knows, is designed to empower you with the tools to deepen and cultivate, an organic, intimate, one-of-a-kind neurosensory relationship with self.

"How do we do that?," you may ask....

  • By coming into allyship with your autonomic nervous system to engage the tender, creative re-shaping process of old limbic narratives.

  • By training your capacity to presence and express sensation, releasing the 'tough stuff' that is lingering, undigested in your system.

  • By getting in touch with and retrieving the parts of you that developed their automatic defense mechanisms, relational pattern, and survival strategies and being prepared to 'face, feel & free' the originating wounds and core traumas that they are guarding us against.

In short, I want you to know and will show you in this group program, that it is unequivocally possible for you to inhabit a life of safety, connection and flow.

AND you don't have to do it alone.

(P.S. If you are here, let me please tell you how absolutely magnificent and courageous you are, how honored I am that you are considering laying trust in me to serve you in some part of your journey and how flippin' excited I am for all we are about to uncover together. It. is. time.)

You're invited
to explore enacting...

healing through a decolonized process
of  relation & restoration

/ These six weeks cover: /

▽ Holistic somatic(body)-based trauma approaches & somatic experiencing theories. 

▽ Listening to the body - its needs, urges, impulses & instincts that guide us into organic trauma release. 

▽ How to create a compassionate culture of better loving & understanding yourself.

▽ Methods to move stress & trauma in integrative ways in the body.

▽ How your stories & thoughts impact your physical body, and how to craft ones that serve you (without forcing). 

▽ Ways to self-regulate & co-regulate to begin to change our relationship with Self, the world and others.  

6 hours of video lectures +
guided practices &

6 live client
demo session 

Pre-sale program

Starts 1/1/21

the body knows


"Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

C A R L  J U N G 


Join a safe, inclusive group dedicated to
body-led healing & transformation

from anywhere online
 $ 5 5 5  |  6  w e e k s


  • When: Access to the program portal begins > Jan 1st, 2021 

  • How: This online program runs as a sequential release of content & practices weekly over the course of 6 weeks: hybrid weekly live group & pre-recorded material experience. 

    • LECTURE & PRACTICES | Weekly, Friday evenings (EST), 1 hour course video lecture & guided practices (plus reference PDFs) are sent out to all students to view & process, on their own timeline / schedule before client demo  sessions.

    • LIVE DEMOS | Weekly, Wednesday evenings (7pm EST)1 hour recorded 1-on-1 client practice sessions, where you'll witness & benefit from the vulnerable experiences & learning process of a participant (just like you) navigating the program in real-time;
      a place for questions, sharing, troubleshooting & guided facilitation in each week's topics & practice material.



/ W e e k  1  / Trauma & The In-Debt Body 
  • Summary: Here we cover digestible ways to  understand trauma, through somatic debts and overcouplings; learning what happens in the traumatized body (both the mind and the nervous system) and why we then behave, choose, feel and act the ways that we do. 

    We'll also introduce concepts of regulation and charge, intuition vs. instinct and how those help us form guideposts for each of our unique, singular, messy, non-linear healing journeys. 

/ W e e k  2  /  How We Free the Body (Relate & Regulate) 
  • Summary: In-depth overview of how we regulate, with Self and others - through activation and a return to baseline (or rupture & repair) & through gentle, titrated constriction and expansion. 

    The 'Face, Feel, Free' methodology is introduced here and we work somatically with video recorded explorations on tracking the charge, orienting to sensation and deepening into feeling through an array of supports.  

/ W e e k  3  /  How We Listen & Liberate Charge 
  • Summary: This highly immersive section of the program provides beautifully structured and improvisational somatic prompts for moving stress and liberating stuck sensation (ie. thwarted survival physiology - when it is ready to go).

    We cover with nuance the complexities, and the realities, of what we can, and cant go, to get trauma to release, to complete unfinished cycles, to meet and feel the unmet and unfelt, and what laying the "right" neurosensory foundations looks like in the most coherent us. 

/ W e e k  4  /  Belief Becomes Biology
  • Summary: Story, thoughts and meaning can often become identities and behaviors, sourced originally from unintegrated, overwhelming experiences and versions of us that endured them. We focus on learning how the trigger is the medicine, to allow us to investigate overcouplings of threat from the past, how they cue stress and trauma response in the present, and ways we start updating our system and building capacity. 

/ W e e k  5  /  Retrieving The Intuitive, Instinctual Soma (and Self)
  • Summary: Here we deepen into somatic explorations of our own body's needs, truth and boundaries, excavating where and how we deny or allow consent, safety, security, permission that the truest Self and freest body needs to be and express as, fully sovereign, in agency. 

/ W e e k  6  /  Living Your Renewed Somatic Stories
  • Summary: In celebration and closing, we work to clarify our renewed somatic stories and relationship with Self, the world and others, and begin exploring guided & improvisational ways we can continue to inquire with Self & train expansion over constriction.  


To register: 

Pre-sale program

Access 1/1/21

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