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Running Up

t h r i v e

It's time to

Access your potential

for healing & connection




to initiate nervous system re-patterning for
depth & safety in connection with

self, the world & others 

  • Find safety in connection & love

  • Activate healing & repair

  • Navigate chaos & uncertainty 

  • Reclaim inner safety & resiliency 

  • Embrace your nervous system 

  • Release trauma, loss & grief

  • Embody your truth effortlessly



In this 13-week mastercourse, you'll learn:

  • How your body's sensations & nervous system state  (your neurophysiology) dictate your story, your beliefs and in turn the reality  you perceive and continue to create around you. 

  • "Bottom-up" approaches to work at & heal the root cause of your experience - be that disease or poor health, low quality relationships or a lack of safety in connection, or a perpetual cycle of resistance that keeps you from mastering that art form or launching that business.  

  • What trauma truly is and how to resolve and integrate it at the level at which it lives (Hint: It's not the logical, conscious mind - hence why affirmations, meditation & talk therapy only tend to fail as standalone approaches).

  • Techniques to 'face, feel & free' thwarted survival energy so you can truly process experiences and trauma, liberate their physiology, and create more space in your system for whatever you wish to welcome more of -  be that health, love, wealth, mastery, prowess, you name it. 

  • The latest Polyvagal Theory understandings of your human operating system so you can engage the conscious mind in allyship with your nervous system to create any new reality you choose.  

  • Your 3 powerful neurophysiological circuits (dorsal vagal, sympathetic and ventral vagal) that you can learn to work with and support so you can get back to that thriving, resilient life full of flow, health, connection and the will to welcome it all. 

  • How to architect foundations of safety and security within the body and at the deepest primal levels so your nervous system doesn't shut-down when you reach for something new, throwing up invisible road-blocks at every turn on your devotional path to some new change or shift. 

  • The superpower languages to dialogue with self, that allow you to truly connect with self and embrace your experience (Hint: Meditation is far from the only way to come into connection with yourself). 

  • The 3 tiered healing framework of & actual exercises and prompts to explore and enact the pillars of the medicine of self, the medicine or existence and finally, the medicine of others, to start taking effective, efficient strides towards the health, the connections and the success in life you wish to experience. 

Over 20 hours of content

Two ways to join

Course only price
Forever access

Course plus
TWO 1-on-1 sessions

held via Zoom


It's your time to rise.
This is your invitation to unfold.


The bottom-up physiology of your body and the top-down psychology of your mind are wholly interconnected, which means that to become a regulated & regulating force in the world, for yourself and for others...

Reshaping your body's autonomic nervous system and how it forms your perception, beliefs, behaviors and reactions, is paramount.

Nervous system state and psychological story join forces into enduring neural loops of experience, that unless interrupted, with gentle reinforcement, the right context and sequencing, persist indefinitely. 

So how can physiology craft new stories and the conditions for safety, wellness, connection and true thriving? That's what this 13-week, self-paced, forever-access mastercourse is all about. 


If you're here, then you're ready to: 

  • 1) Initiate  somatic(body)-led transformation in order to 

    create coherence, clearance & integration between the primal animal body & the higher order mind. 

    Through the process of somatic coherence, that you'll learn in this mastercourse, are able to achieve a neurophysiology balancing of the autonomic nervous system, such that...

    the conscious mind + animal body (with its more primal human operating system)

    unified (able to work together towards a particular goal, story or aim)


    are optimized (cleared of stored survival responses, trauma and core wounding that are like large, bloated programs slowing down the the technology your life runs off of.)

     / The outcome of somatic coherence, is akin to what meditators would call a “zen” or "flow" state and what artists and athletes call “the zone." And what's more, it becomes your neural & autonomic patterned default. /


  • 2) Be met in relationship, feel safe & understood in connection and attract a different kind of partner, that doesn't strike of the same toxic patterns of the past... to complete and clear old traumas and their stuck, thwarted survival physiology that unconsciously dictates who you choose for partnership and often feel irresistibly drawn to over and over again... even who you "fall" in love with that just aren't healthy or right for you. 


  • 3) Shift out of survival mode & into thriving to resolve disease or persistent health issues... Guiding your own nervous system back from a chronically dysregulated place into balance, so regenerative states of healing and repair can take hold. 


  • 4) Embody leadership, self-expression & power effortlessly, wake up in the morning with the skills to meet & transmute resistance, doubts & blocks while building your business... Wield a regulated, resilient nervous system that  allows you to respond, not just react and feel safe to be seen in your truth and express it. 




For client testimonials of my  
▽  1-on-1 somatic healing work  


Lin Z.
Boulder, CO

"I've never been able to find a safety in my body until I came to this work. I grew up in an abusive environment and found myself as an adult a chronically underfulfilled overachieving lawyer that had no true friends or relationships outside of those I knew from work.

For the first time in my life, I have hope & trust.  The tools I learned from this work were eye-opening and have allowed me to...

take hold of my nervous system & begin to re-shape it in a very positive way.

I found Christine's breakdown and presentation of this work  welcoming, sensitive, tailored and easy to digest.

Highly recommend!" 


Brittany M.
Sydney, Australia

"I've spent thousands of dollars in mindset coaches trying releasing the core belief that “I’m not good enough” but it was persistent and caused such suffering in my life. I was constantly in fear and suffered from chronic fatigue that limited my ability to connect with others, exercise and enjoy my life. As only 26 years old, I felt "too young" to have all these problems.

Permission To Thrive was life-changing for me. It was full of so so sooo many epiphanies for me and Christine does this amazinggg job of breaking down the science of it all.

I've finally begun to emerge from years of a deep "freeze" state (dorsal vagal) and am slowly increasing my ability to feel the pain and grief...

of things that have happened to me in my life so I can finally express and release them through the body.

I don't know what my life would be without having found this course and Christine's guidance. I will be forever grateful!!"


Brena S.
Phoenix, AZ

"WOW, where to start? This has been majorly life-changing for me. A few years ago, I was in a horrible car accident and while I didn't have any lasting physical injuries, every day my body acted like it was re-living that horrible day.

I suffered from flashbacks and panic attacks and while therapy helped some and I took meditation classes, I couldn't cope.

My acupuncturist told me about somatic and nervous system healing and that's how I came across Permission To Thrive. Months later after finished the course, and continuing to use the tools and information Christine presents, I am a totally different person. I found deep levels of safety within myself and the world again, released a lot of trauma and have been feeling a lot, but in a good way.

Understanding the science and principles of Polyvagal Theory continues to help me slowly release the survival responses and sensations from my car crash, so I can get back to be my true self.

The inner shifts are just so amazing.

It's what I've been missing all along. THANK YOU soooo much!!'


Tara G.
Los Angeles, CA

"For the first time in my life, I don't feel broken. I no longer identify with belief patterns that have greater limited my ability to lead my team and grow my business the way I'd like.

What's more...

this new spaciousness, grounding, presence and self-expressiveness lives in my body. 

I carry it every day, waking up sometimes to feel utterly surprised it is still there.

I always felt as though I there was something fundamentally wrong with me. I would constantly shut-down in certain situations and I couldn't really feel, or tolerate feeling, much at all.

After taking Permission To Thrive & working 1-on-1 with Christine, I have such a...

greater sense of freedom and happiness.

The change that has taken place in me only after 13 weeks is so profound. This program literally saved my life. I think that is endorsement enough."

Two ways to join:

Course only price
Forever access

Course plus
TWO 1-on-1 sessions

held via Zoom

Uncover and claim the truth that...
...You are your own medicine.

You're fired up. You are all in. You're ready to embrace your fullest, whole, most alive, truly thriving, radical self that moves with the tides of your own body and truth and has nothing to prove.

  • Even when you shut-down, numb, cut yourself off from the world or judge, react, get stuck in a pattern or story, even when you don't know where to find safety in relationship or how to effortlessly inhabit self-love, leadership and power, something deep inside whispers its siren call that there is a way.

  • It reminds you tenderly and perhaps frustratingly that there is a blueprint within you to the sacred journey of sanctifying your inner landscapes, re-wiring your past, finding ease in life's unfolding storms and gloriously surfing the shores of new stories. Within you lies every key and code imaginable to unlocking the reality you choose.

  • Whether that inner knowing is a hum of a muted whisper or a roaring cry right now, there is a reason you're reading these words. There is a reason you've been called to this work and this offering. Only you truly know why because only you hold the keys within to be your own medicine.


However, I might guess some of these sound familiar....

  • Perhaps you've spent years in traditional psychotherapy, tried medication and even meditation, taken quantum leaps in consciousness through plant medicine circles, finished your yoga teacher training,..

    ...but still feel dis-ease in your body (anxious then avoidant, tense and hypervigilant then utterly exhausted and collapsed, a heightened sensitivity to certain triggers, difficulty communicating your truth or needs, unable to )....

    or even disease (autoimmune conditions, GI issues, chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, chronic pain and tension).


  • Perhaps you feel you've really done and invested in the work already. You've been showing up. You've come so so very far on what feels like such a very long road home sometimes.

    You know yourself, inside and out, you consciously understand so much but still, the lived, embodied peace and resolution of past experiences eludes you and certain people and circumstances just seem to continually circle back into your life regardless of what new stories and experience you are wishing to have.


  • There are doors within you to parts that developed survival strategies that you just can't open, let alone usher towards harmonic integration in line with your conscious will. There are just certain limitations on your ability to feel safe and trust in being in full expression and power. How do you move forward from here when the path seems so endless and unclear?


If Any Of These Describe You, This Course Is For YOU:

  • You feel disconnected, disembodied, untethered or floating often and have a hard time staying presence and focusing.

  • You shut down and freeze, or go into a depressive state in times of stress.

  • You feel emotionally-numb and have trouble processing tough experiences and expressing yourself.

  • You've experienced some form of trauma in the past.

  • You're constantly on the merry-go-round of physical health symptoms that stump all your Western medical doctors. Despite eating well and exercising, even minimizing stress levels, you are still quite tired and sick.

  • You are often combative, frustrated and angry at seemingly small things.

  • No matter what you focus on consciously, all you can manifest in your life is the same people, experiences and situations.

  • When you begin to move towards claiming something new that you want in your life - a different type of relationship or job, starting your own business, upgrading your living situation - it's as if invisible road blocks are thrown up in your way at every turn.

  • You're often hijacked by old defensive patterns, harmful habits and even addictions.

  • No matter what you try, you just can't see to get to the bottom of your issue or experience in life... you can't seem to find or solve the root cause.

Darling, I want you to know if any of this resonates with where you are, guess what?

You are in exactly the right place!

When I found Somatic Experiencing and Polyvagal Theory, there was such a significant shift. A shift in the way that I understood myself, the world and people. It initiated new depths profound unfolding within me and then years later, my clients.

This framework allows you to harness the understanding of how your system balances and discerns the need for protection vs. connection and apply that knowledge to craft new narratives, claim any experience you want in life, find safety where there previously was none and respond vs. react automatically.

Polyvagal Theory literally gives us the 3 step process to walk your nervous system back to a regulated place and truly inhabit resiliency. It is a profound gift to now more than at any other time in history to have such a nuanced scientific understanding of our own human operating system.


Your autonomic nervous system is like a compass. It’s constantly orienting you, shifting towards engagement, mobilization or disconnection.

Your body knows stuff before your brain consciously does. It’s your first line of response, your biggest ally. It is your body taking in data and sending it to the brain which in fact directs the majority of your behaviors, beliefs and patterns.

Learning how to recognize when your body has shifted nervous system states, in response to what, and showing up in what signature style, is the first step to being able to support the body, support your system, in the unique way it needs to be met before attempting to shift the state into a more regulated place.


This 13 week mastercourse, Permission To Thrive, is designed to empower you with the tools to deepen and cultivate, an organic, intimate, one-of-a-kind neurosensory relationship with self.

"How do we do that?," you may ask....

  • By coming into allyship with your autonomic nervous system to engage the tender, creative re-shaping process of old limbic narratives.

  • By training your capacity to presence and express sensation, releasing the 'tough stuff' that is lingering, undigested in your system.

  • By getting in touch with and retrieving the parts of you that developed their automatic defense mechanisms, relational pattern, and survival strategies and being prepared to 'face, feel & free' the originating wounds and core traumas that they are guarding us against.

In short, I want you to know and will show you in this mastercourse, that it is unequivocally possible for you to inhabit a life of safety, connection and flow. AND you don't have to do it alone.

Let me walk with you through the unknown exploratory process....


...and grant you wholeheartedly PERMISSION TO THRIVE.


(P.S. If you are here, let me please tell you how absolutely magnificent and courageous you are, how honored I am that you are considering laying trust in me to serve you in some part of your journey and how flippin' excited I am for all we are about to uncover together. It. is. time.)

Over 20 hours of content

Two ways to join

Course only price
Forever access

Course plus
TWO 1-on-1 sessions

held via Zoom

Let's get honest for a minute here love...


  • Healing and actualizing a truly new "level-up" in your life can be quite hard because, maddeningly enough, the things that don't serve us (the people, the connections, the situations, the experiences) tend to return into our experience and reality again and again with this infuriatingly irresistible "sticky" quality to them.

    In my work as a somatic integration coach, I see that this is magnified when we're carrying trauma and core wounding in a particular area.  And it can be easy in the seemingly merciless replay of the same story, the same person or situation,

    returning to your life and re-activating your system to forget that you are holding the pen, you are in the director's chair and it is possible to re-shape and fashion new stories, especially with all we know now, more than ever, about our own human operating system and how to work with it to craft a different reality of our choosing.


  • Working with a talk therapist or mindset coach, in my opinion, can be a great place to start in any transformational journey because they are highly palatable, working "top-down" from the conscious  mind. 

    And if you only  pursue productive tips, structured daily regimes and forming new habits through force of will alone, you will serve only to exhaust and frustrate yourself.

    Why? Because your nervous system will always win. The parts of you that formed deeply ingrained neural loops of protective mechanisms and survival strategies that served you at one or even many points in the past, particularly during your development,

    can and will ramp up to protect you even further, even harder, than any consciously mounted efforts to respond or lead directly, to move towards goals to be seen, or deeper relationships with others.


  • Your beliefs, behavioral patterns and even perception of reality is dictated from "bottom up" nervous system and primal brain sources... from your body taking in sensory data and cues sending them to the brain to drive a particular response, pattern or behavior as much if not more so than from the brain to the body.

    It is your nervous system state that creates your story. Taking hold of that truth and knowledge allows you to create any and every new story you wish. But it requires that we move tolerably into the deeper and deeper somatic layers at which you'll ultimately have to address what's going on inside you and in your reality.

    If you don't or won't show up for that body-led, nervous system-led work and believe you can consciously choose and make change, without supporting the soft, slow animal body and the technology it runs on, you will perpetuate a cycle of self-abandonment.

    And that's not what you want darling! We want all systems go in the direction on one unified will for this to truly work effortlessly. <3


  • That's exactly what this mastercourse is designed to show you how to do. Re-shaping process of the nervous system (which is, yes, also a process of reshaping the brain) takes consistent, gentle, non-overwhelming reinforcement, the same way you would go about building a muscle group, losing weight or forming new habit.

    In particular, science tells us that it takes a minimum of 66 days to change your life. To create new habits, routines, patterns, is a minimum of a 9 week process, so I've hedged our bets here a little and...


That's why this capacity-building mastercourse
is built as a 13 week experience,

with modules released in  specific intervals and sequencing, to support the sensation-full exploratory nature of the nervous system, and story, re-shaping process.

The question is:

Are you ready to write

your new story

and the world's?  

Course only price
Forever access

Course plus
TWO 1-on-1 sessions

held via Zoom


In This Training, You'll Get...

  • Over twenty video lectures, unlimited replays

  • Over thirty audio & video neurosensory explorations

  • Provocative journal prompts & supporting materials

  • *BONUS: Q&A email support with course instructor for direct feedback & guidance for the duration of this 13 week mastercourse re-patterning your human operating system.


...And Learn How To:

  • Come fully into connection with self & safely be in the body,

  • Use breath, movement, touch, inner dialogue, imagery & more to re-stabilize the mind-body-spirt unit,

  • Engage the conscious mind in allyship with your nervous system to write new stories,

  • Invoke permission to self-express & inhabit your power with ease,

  • Apply Polyvagal Theory towards creating any reality you choose,

  • Complete & clear thwarted survival responses,

  • Release old patterns & past traumas,

  • Uncover your unique healing blueprint,

  • Find safety in connection with the world and others and how to re-pattern your system's default protection modes,

  • Re-write your relationship with your body & your lived experience,

  • Re-encode the ability to respond, not just react to triggering people, places and situations,

  • Architect resiliency & inhabit true wholeness,

  • Enact parts retrievals & parts dialoguing to create possibility & come into the most fully integrated version of you,

  • Learn how to embody radical self-acceptance & hold yourself through every possible twist and turn of this journey called life,

  • Train your ability to presence sensation (grief, pain, loss, as well as joy, pleasure, abundance) so you can receive all that the world & others have to offer you,

  • Create, manifest & enact any story you can dream up & wish to experience in your life.

 /  Course values for over $3,000 /
Your Investment: Only $555


About The Instructor:

My love of & knowledge of water, movement & people run deep - from a Master's in Marine Anthropology to dual undergraduate degrees in Biology and Dance.

Over the past 5 years, I've pursued in-depth training in trauma healing, neuroscience & somatic experiencing as well as various certifications in these disciplines. (Full credentials here). 

In addition, I've incorporated mastery as an integrative water guide into my career - helping people heal through aquatic therapy sessions conducted to immersive sound healing journeys played through underwater speakers in my pool.

My latest practices are an expanded set of tools that allow me to create immersive somatic integration sessions on land, as well as in the water and form the basis of my practice known as Writes Her Way.


As a somatic integration coach, I focus on facilitating conscious women to come fully into their power & truly thrive through nervous system re-patterning and parts retrieval.

I consider myself a talk therapist but  for the body and primal brain, guiding women to reclaim their ability to be their own medicine and gain safety in and communication with their autonomic nervous system, using their own felt sensations and unconscious visuals, to re-pattern and fully integrate past traumas, false constructs, limiting beliefs, defense mechanisms and ingrained non-serving behavioral patterns.


Now, I'm so excited to offer an in-depth, more widely accessible training to help even more people move from survival mode back into thriving.

Want To Go Even Deeper?

Self-regulation and true integrative healing is often best nested with a deeply supportive, custom-tailored, co-regulated, ongoing container. Starting with this capacity-building mastercourse, Permission To Thrive, is an incredible starting point for further initiating and exploring your own healing process in a self-paced, DIY-type fashion. 

Investing in a focused, exclusive space and facilitator,  however, can often be the difference between hitting roadblocks and getting where you actually want to be. It's one thing to follow a recipe or read a book on how to do something and entirely another to engage an expert to walk the path with you, show you what to look for and how to move through any tough hang-up points.


That's why I offer 1-on-1  somatic coaching packages with clients for the most efficient, effective transformational and integrative experiences.

Curious to explore further?

Please email or

book your Initiation Consult directly for a discovery 1-on-1 session. I'm in full celebration of you and your unfolding! <3



"Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

C A R L  J U N G 


Take the course at your own pace, 
from anywhere, with forever access
O N L Y  $5 5 5 


/ W e e k s  1 - 4  /
Welcome To Your Story
  • Summary: Every great story has a beginning, a middle and an end. And often, as we know as the humans living them, it doesn't always or even often happen in that order. Here we discuss the complexities of psychological story and how in bidirectionally connecting story to our physiological state, we wield our power to hold the pen and write new narratives.

    • Video 1:  Welcome To Your Story  (10 mins)

    • Exercise 1:  Claiming Authorship Guided Meditation  (22 mins, audio)

Meet Your Editor
  • Summary: Somatic integration coach Christine Ren introduces herself officially and defines her role as a humble editorial voice during the courageous creative process you are embarking on to write new stories with your nervous system physiology.

    • Video 1:  Meet Your Editor  (5 mins)

Editorial Lens
  • Summary: This module defines with transparency the principles of the editorial lens through which your facilitation in this mastercourse will be guided: the intersection of scientific and spiritual beliefs systems that inform how the material will be presented. You're invited to what resonates and disregard what doesn't.

    • Video 1:  Editorial Lens  (11 mins)

    • Exercise 1: Honoring the Process Invocation  (24 mins, audio)

How To Write with the Nervous System
  • Summary: Science has shown us that behind-the-scenes, the autonomic (ie. think 'automatic') nervous system is scanning your internal and external environment for cues of threats, generating habitual patterns of response and stories.

    Here we discuss a broad overview of the latest scientific understanding of your human operating system and how with awareness and practice, you can reshape the system and rewrite your stories to move out of adaptive survival responses and into and towards connection, flow and stability. Introduced as well are the superpower languages we'll be using to shape your story: breath, sound, the felt sense, movement, touch, creative arts, ritual, intention, subconscious imagery, structure, proprioception.

    • Video 1:  Intro & Overview  (5 mins)

    • Video 2:  What & Why (8 mins)

    • Video 3:  Neuroception  (9 mins)

    • Video 4:  Trauma & Survival Circuitry  (13 mins)

    • Video 5:  Resiliency  (7 mins)

    • Video 6:  Superpower Languages of Emotions & Sensations  (26 mins)

    • Video 7:  What to Expect When Healing  (7 mins)

    • Exercise 1: Superpower Languages Baseline Check  (15 mins, prompt)

    • Exercise 2: Nervous System Allyship Guided Exploration (29 mins, audio)

Where To Start Shaping Your Somatic Story
  • Summary: Here we recognize that the re-shaping process of old patterns and stories begins in your body and explore where to tolerably start in the body within a hierarchy of somatic layers using consistent, gentle, non-overwhelming reinforcement.

    • Video 1:  Where To Start Shaping Your Somatic Story  (15 mins)

    • Exercise 1: Somatic Layers Inventory  (20 mins, prompt)

Somatic Story Goals
  • Summary: In this section, you're invited to establish your somatic story goals - how you want to feel in your body, the way you wish to show up in the world and relate to others, the resolutions you wish to carry related to past trauma, loss or grief and more.

    • Video 1:  Somatic Story Goals (2 mins)

    • Exercise 1: Somatic Story Intending  (20 mins, prompt)

    • Exercise 2: Somatic Story Expanding  (15 mins, prompt)

Somatic Story Foundations: Safety & Permission
  • Summary: In order to build and train your capacity to presence sensation and complete the thwarted survival responses necessary for living a whole, healthy, resilient personal and professional life full of possibility, power and depth - it is critical we first lay the right foundations of both safety and permission in the body and nervous system.

    Provided in this module are an array of various non-directive safety and grounding explorations as well as parts permission journeys to architect this intention.

    • Video 1:  Somatic Story Foundations  (2 mins)

    • Exercise 1: Safety Grounding Guided Meditation  (13 mins, audio)

    • Exercise 2: Safety Anchoring Freewrite  (20 mins, prompt)

    • Exercise 3: Safety Mapping Exploration  (20 mins, audio)

    • Exercise 4: Safety Anchors Living Library  (16 mins, prompt)

    • Exercise 5: Guided Root Meditation for Inner Safety  (25 mins, audio)

    • Exercise 6: Parts Permission Freewrite  (20 mins, prompt)

    • Exercise 7: Parts Permission Guided Exploration  (14 mins, audio)

    • Exercise 8: Somatic Permission Ritual (15 mins, prompt)

    • Exercise 9: Inner Waters Guided Permission Meditation  (24 mins, audio)

Revoking Old Contracts For New Stories
  • Summary: This module focuses exclusively on presenting guided neurosensory explorations, written prompts and rituals (ie. mapping expressions) to revoke your unique contracts with limiting beliefs and false constructs, which as previously presented, tends to be the most tolerable somatic layer to begin the re-writing process.

    • Video 1:  Revoking Old Contracts For New Stories  (2 mins)

    • Exercise 1: Contract Revocation Guided Meditation  (20 mins, audio)

    • Exercise 2: Contract Revocation Ritual  (15 mins, prompt)

    • Exercise 3: New Story Contracts Freewrite (20 mins, prompt)

/ W e e k s  5 - 9 /

Using Polyvagal Theory to Shape New Stories
  • Summary: This module highlights the nuanced 3-step framework of Polyvagal Theory as it relates to neuroception and your autonomic nervous system and introduces ways to recruit the higher order mind to recognize which autonomic state you are in and when and get to know the unique "style" of each state in response to various triggers.

    • Video 1: Distinguishing Consent, Safety & Security (CSS) Needs (12 mins)

    • Exercise 1: 'CSS' Journal Prompt (15 mins)

    • Video 2: Using Polyvagal Theory to Shape New Stories (33 mins)

    • Exercise 1: Survival Circuitry Guided Freewrite (20 mins)

    • Exercise 2: Notice & Name Autonomic State Tracking (suggested for 2 weeks)

    • Exercise 3: Somatic Layers Final Inventory & Tolerance Inquiry (20 mins)

The Medicine of Self for Dorsal Vagal Stories
  • Summary: Here we explore bringing you back home, safely and slowly, to the body with foundations of self-dialogue laid through the superpower languages of inner visual, ritual, the felt sense, breath, movement, and more all to the end of supporting this deep "freeze" state of immobilization known as dorsal vagal.

    • Video 1: Overview of the 3 Pillars of Healing (5 mins)

    • Video 2: The Medicine of Self for Dorsal Vagal Stories (15 mins)

    • Video 3: The Medicine of Self: Explorations Intro (4 mins)

    • Exercise 1:

The Medicine of Existence for Sympathetic Stories
  • Summary: Together we work here to pattern safety and surrender in relation to something larger, or outside of self, using neurosensory tools like movement, structure, proprioception to anchor support in the system. The focus of this module as well lies in training impulse expressions at varying intensities of breath, sound, movement, touch and more, in organic, non-pressured, non-prescriptive ways.

    • Video 1: The Medicine of Existence for Sympathetic Stories (13 mins)

    • Video 2: The Medicine of Existence: Explorations Intro (3 mins)

    • Exercise 1:

The Medicine of Others for Ventral Vagal Stories
  • Summary: Invitation, celebration and insight merge here as you open into the flow states and the glory of solitude (vs. the pain of loneliness), create and find safety in relating with and truly being seen by others and attuning to other nervous systems as you feel into the safety and joy of connection vs. old shut-down patterns and protective triggers.

    • Video 1: The Medicine of Others for Ventral Vagal Stories (13 mins)

    • Video 2: The Medicine of Others: Explorations Intro (4 mins)

    • Exercise 1:

Inhabiting Resiliency As Your New Story
  • Summary: Each time you've walked with your nervous system back from dorsal vagal to ventral vagal, coming back into regulation after dysregulation, the stronger the trust and faith your system has in your ability to be with and support it. You are moving towards new limbic narratives of harmony and resiliency.

    In this module, we begin to challenge your system, to hold, truly feel and presence higher levels of sensations within further containers of safety set by you in your life, within a practice frequency and parameters that best serve the layer we are facilitating.

/ W e e k s  10 - 13 / 
Taking A Creator's Process Break
  • Summary: For a minimum of 7 days, you are prescribed a vacation from being in process. This neurosensory reset is critical at this stage in the work, to honor and accept your new story, finished or not, as a work of art - not just a work of art in progress. This module focuses on ways to validate yourself exactly where you are now, celebrate how far you have come and luxuriate in how life is meeting you right now, with exactly what you have and where and how you are. This conscious break period includes one specific guided journey to facilitate this process, so you can return refreshed and ready for the depth of your core parts integration stage

Integrating Characters: Parts Retrieval
  • Summary: All versions of you from all time that experienced some form of trauma typically still live within you - with the ability to take over your conscious command (mostly without you knowing) when they perceive a threat that seems too close to what happened to them in the past.Here we go back to find these parts that formed and adapted such beautiful coping strategies and thank and acknowledge them, open a dialogue with them to ask them to only come now when we need them and have YOU provide to them the thing they never received (so they can stop seeking it externally).

Living Your New Story: Keep On Writing!
  • Summary: Healing, and continuing to shape and anchor your new narratives, is a lifelong journey. In this module, we explore what healing really means, how to track progress (and when to let go of tracking!) and the best ways to adopt the tools and strategies from this mastercourse as your new lifestyle so you can keep on writing. <3

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Sand Dunes
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You've always been an investor in human potential.

You who sees the light and the possibility in everyone around you and believes in the infinite capacity for people to enact change. You who cares, more than most; you who feels more than she'd like. You who leads in the boardroom, but not always in the body.

You who carries the torch of lifting the world and your community towards greatness. You who is wise beyond your years, though perhaps not by choice. You who sees both where life happened to her and where she can still happen to it.


You who is ready to be the change you wish to see, ready to lean in and lay down the burden of the past that no longer serve the direction you're seeking to go.

Y O U - who devotes herself to finding & following...

...the rebellious tune of the wise, wild woman you are.

Frozen Field
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