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This is your 

initiation (n.): 

The act of beginning something; rite of passage to transformation. 

Uncover and claim the truth that  

you are your own 


in this free video demonstration.

If you're here, then you're ready to: 

  • Resurrect your wildcard self, the completely liberated one that feels safe in and at peace with the magnificent home that is her body. 

  • Access & express your truth, worth & boundaries skillfully and pattern flow, play and expansiveness as your default state. Move through "self-sabotage" with ease and compassion.    

  • Get off the merry-go-round circuit of healing modalities, transformational programs and self-help books and understand  what is actually at the root cause of your experience(s) and what context, setting and sequencing is necessary to change it. 

  • Shift out of survival mode & into thriving to resolve disease or persistent health issues... Guiding your own nervous system back from a chronically dysregulated place into balance, so regenerative states of healing and repair can take hold. 

  • Be met in relationship, feel safe & understood in connection and attract a different kind of partner, that doesn't strike of the same toxic patterns of the past... to complete and clear old traumas and their stuck, thwarted survival physiology that unconsciously dictates who you choose for partnership and often feel irresistibly drawn to over and over again... even who you "fall" in love with that just aren't healthy or right for you. 

  • Embody leadership & self-power effortlessly, wake up in the morning with the skills to meet and transmute resistance, doubts & blocks with ease while building your business or creating your art... Wield a regulated, resilient nervous system that  allows you to respond, not just react and feel safe to be seen in your truth and express it. 

In this free video demonstration, you'll see:

  • How your body's sensations, nervous system state & neuroception lens  dictate your story, your beliefs and in turn the reality  you perceive and continue to create around you. And what's more, orient you like a compass towards or away from connection and your higher order mind's goals or desires. 

  • "Bottom-up" approaches to work at & heal the root cause of your experience - be that disease or poor health, low quality relationships or a lack of safety in connection, or a perpetual cycle of resistance that keeps you from mastering that art form or launching that business.  

  • What trauma truly is and how to resolve and integrate it at the level at which it lives (Hint: It's not the logical, conscious mind - hence why affirmations, meditation & talk therapy only tend to fail as standalone approaches).

  • Techniques to 'face, feel & free' thwarted survival energy so you can truly process experiences and trauma, liberate their physiology, and create more space in your system for whatever you wish to welcome more of -  be that health, love, wealth, mastery, prowess, you name it. 

  • The latest Polyvagal Theory understandings of your human operating system so you can engage the conscious mind in allyship with your nervous system to create any new reality you choose.  

  • Your 3 powerful neurophysiological circuits (dorsal vagal, sympathetic and ventral vagal) that you can learn to work with and support so you can get back to that thriving, resilient life full of flow, health, connection and the will to welcome it all. 

  • How to architect foundations of safety and security within the body and at the deepest primal levels so your nervous system doesn't shut-down when you reach for something new, throwing up invisible road-blocks at every turn on your devotional path to some new change or shift. 

  • The superpower languages to dialogue with self, that allow you to truly connect with self and embrace your experience (Hint: Meditation is far from the only way to come into connection with yourself). 

  • The 3 tiered healing framework of & case studies of enacting the pillars of the medicine of self, the medicine or existence and finally, the medicine of others, to start taking effective, efficient strides towards the health, the connections and the success in life you wish to experience. 

((P.S. Little preemptive tip: At the end of the video demonstration, you'll receive a very special 50% off 1-on-1 coaching offer. This offer will be  valid for only 72 hours after you receive the message.  Sooo, be sure to watch the video and get in at that special price while you can.    Xx - Christine))


Join the capacity-building online experience designed
to initiate healing and foster resiliency in your life 

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